Mental Clutches

Mental Clutches

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For many years, it has been said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. However, what happens when a person doesna€™t even realize that he or she is wasting something so valuable? What happens when a person believes that what he or she is doing is beneficial and not detrimental to his or her happiness and growth? In Mental Clutches, Willie Gene Williams Jr. supplies us with various examples, problems, and solutions that men and women of any ethnic background can relate to. He extends knowledge on issues such as parenting, money management, positive and negative energy, importance of onea€™s history, health, and knowledge. These are just a few areas of interest that are addressed in Mental Clutches. Williams begins by stressing the importance of positive energy and how it actually affects any and everything that we as a people try to pursue. He examines some of the encounters that have crossed his path and those that have crossed the paths of others that he has had the privilege of meeting. He then breaks down problems, provides sound solutions, and opens our minds to everyday things that we as a people easily overlook. Williams in Mental Clutches has really taken a loving approach to the thoughts and theories he brings forth to his readers. His knowledge and persuasive ideas challenge us all to view love, life, and the pursuit of happiness in a much more positive manner.I was under the impression that because my cell phone payments never showed up on my credit report when I paid ... Luckily I was able to get a cosigner; I instantly began to build my credit. ... I began to receive credit card offers in the mail.

Title:Mental Clutches
Author:Willie Gene Williams Jr.
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2015-09-08


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