Men Seeking Women

Men Seeking Women

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Men Seeking Women: Love and Sex On-line is an exciting and original collection of new short fiction by men about men seeking women, and women seeking men in the digital age. The Internet revolution has altered the look of the traditional relationship. Through e-mail correspondence, chat room chats, and message board postings, the manner in which we meet and mate has drastically changed. While the search for love is a timeless one, how and where we look has never been more a sign of the digital times. Here, ten talented storytellers offer thoroughly contemporary portraits of relationships in the world of new media and high technology in chat rooms, porn sites and other on-line realms. Men Seeking Women is a fresh and unconventional look at the cyber-landscape of love, sex, and companionship.The game could advance no further, for he could hardly claim not to have a phone. ... Circuit City, where he bought an inexpensive cell phone. ... And there he would be, living in Florida but possessing a New York City phone number, and ready to have a real ... a€œOne question, a€ he said to the customer-service fellow . a€œIs thereanbsp;...

Title:Men Seeking Women
Author:Po Bronson, Richard Dooling, Eric Garcia, Paul Hond, Gary Krist
Publisher:AtRandom - 2001-02-20


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