Memoirs of Myths and Truths

Memoirs of Myths and Truths

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Memoirs of Myths and Truths in an Ordinary Pebblea€™s Extraordinary Life. We find the author considers himself an ordinary pebble amoung others of his time, who has gone on a desperate search for love and approval. But even an ordinary pebbles like him can have an extraordinary life, because he is not ordinary from the start finding at an early age confusion and embarrassment regarding whether an accident or his mind makes him that way. It Is not until into his young adult stream does he discover another reason for his rebel behavior in school and life. Which as a reader, you Ill recognized some problems in the text of the book cover and in the book Is writen words or spelling or sentance structure being a struggle. You Ill see it Is not his schooling, it Is his battle with being dyslexic. Yet there is some great writing and inspiration, plus the help of a few photos, to bring you into his or your memories and times when some myths emerged from stories and some being real truths. Pebbles we all are, truths are maybe what we think they should be, and myths are longer lasting then we may know. The author finds himself slowly aware of being in his September years, having a sense of belonging to the past and present, but a much shorter future. With that comes a sense of family, and the closeness of friends, which has brought him to this place of wonderment that has continued from those wonderful years of youth. They have brought him to these joyous thoughts while writing these memoirs, and making reflecting on his extraordinary life. Starting at first writing this for all his kin and others within that stream surround him, but then realize other pebbles of this time can bring back some reflection on these times with a little smile, some sadness, and reflection too. He may have wandered through those youthful years winding through lifea€™s paths and finding some running on empty or full or too fast or too slow at the time like the automobiles of the day. His nurturing as a child, not always satisfying, resulted in the builting many protective walls around his self. Yet like James Dean in East of Eden or Rebel Without a Cause or Giant, there was this desperate search for love and approval, not always available for many reasons and questionable behavior leading to myths or truths. Seeking his own needs, while being an ordinary pebble has resulted in finding an extraordinary life. There is a expression of views from his heart and mind trying to embrace so much of that extraordinary life that lies hidden deeper within his self, and yet always trying to hold and consider that these are parts of his life, whether shinning with beauty or happiness or sadness, finding only to be viewed as an expression of soul. He has tried painting, but now the writen word, in expressing some of those myths, spoken truths found within the soul, and trusted memories. They carry simple but complex myths in the life of an ordinary pebble, always amazed by the course of the streams found. These memoirs are a reflection of our times, history, love for the automobile, then adding the racing with many encounters with lovers and places that have been traveled that brings this extraordinary life into view. The book is about people encountered in his life Is stream, the persons who have enriched this life and helped him to find out who he is. Also that going through this journey, gathering memories, myths or truths, these moments sustained his notion of an ordinary pebblea€™s extraordinary life. These events have allowed reflection on moral issues and things that are questionable judgment. He hope that you enjoy this time traveling in this stream. Pebbles we are, yet we are still the most important part in those stream surrounding us, finding most everyone elsea€™s lives continue similarly within those same small stream we live in rubbing shoulders and sharing our life Is stream with others matter more than we know because as others enrich our lives, we can dThey learned much later that my dad had hooked up an Old Model T magneto wires to the door and connected it with a small electric motor running it. Maynard couldna#39;t let go and was crying for Dada#39;s release and forgiveness while fire wasanbsp;...

Title:Memoirs of Myths and Truths
Author:Carl B. Allen
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-07-02


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