Memoirs of a Magman: P.I. & Crooked Cops

Memoirs of a Magman: P.I. & Crooked Cops

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In Alfred Hudona€™s forty-five years of working as a private investigator, he has dealt with many problems and issuesa€”crooked cops, fraudulent acts, and particularly workplace theft. He now shares his experiences in Memoirs of a Magman: P.I. and Crooked Cops. In addition to telling the story of his interesting and varied life, he provides professional knowledge that will aid others in dealing with the business and personal problems that people encounter daily. He relates his own personal problems and issuesa€”all things that he encountered in the line of duty and out of it while trying to become a better person. In order to correct a problem, one must identify the problem; determine the seriousness of the problem, and find the best course of action to resolve it effectively. Hudon explores how, both professionally and personally, hea€™s done just that.I was at one of the local schools checking out a problem, and I went to use one of the washrooms. I happened to notice a ... That type of camera lens is known as a pinhole lens because it is very tiny and can be concealed almost anywhere. Some perverts are ... Disturbed by my findings, I decided to speak to the local police chief and tell him about the cameras in the washrooms. The chief said that heanbsp;...

Title:Memoirs of a Magman: P.I. & Crooked Cops
Author:Alfred J. Hudon
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-09-03


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