Memoir of a Green Mountain Boy

Memoir of a Green Mountain Boy

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It is 1774 in Vermont, and Erastus dreams of becoming a Green Mountain Boy. After the death of his father, Erastus's storytelling uncle Hiram arrives to care for the family farm. Uncle Hiram shares mythical tales of the legendary Ethan Allen and the adventures of the Green Mountain boys, leading Erastus to one conclusion: he wants to belong to this elite group.Just when Erastus thinks he can't get any more inspired, he is invited to a meeting and hears Ethan Allen speak. Filled with passion and a drive he can't control, he plots to leave with his uncle Hiram and join the group. Erastus's mother knows she cannot stop him and bids him farewell for the greatest journey of his life.Narrated with the excitement and hilarity of a young man fueled with patriotism and pride, Memoir of a Green Mountain Boy follows Erastus through violent attacks, narrow escapes, and encounters with famous and infamous American revolutionaries. This personal account of Erastus's journey with a homegrown militia captures the beautiful spirit of naAmve youth during an epic era in United States history-the American Revolution.For more information, go to: as well, andthey too ceased theirrowing. No manual ofa#39;64prepared a militiaman for such a horror ... a€œShe wants myhead!a€ said Hiram. Then, before the winding sheet held up by the banshee could fall upon us, out of the fog came the prow.

Title:Memoir of a Green Mountain Boy
Author:Raymond Rodrigues
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-09


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