Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact

Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact

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Every year billions of dollars and countless resources are poured into employee training programs. Yet year after year the bottom-line impacts of these initiatives go largely unmeasured. As a result, many business and training professionals never discover whether training actually 'worked' and was ultimately worth the investment. In Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact, Dr. Paul Leone offers a streamlined remedy for this tremendously costly problem. He delivers a practical roadmap for accurately measuring the business impact of your training initiatives - a roadmap that will allow your training dollars to do more and go further than ever before. Drawing from more than fourteen years of research on training measurement and evaluation in some of the world's largest Fortune 100 companies, the book provides a quick and simple 6-level strategy for measuring and maximizing training impact. Using the traditional five levels of evaluation set forth by Kirkpatrick and Phillips, Dr. Leone introduces some new and ground-breaking techniques for isolating the impact of training on the bottom line. To this measurement approach, he adds a revolutionary new Level 6 which measures 'transfer climate' a€“ the factors back on the job that can make or break the impact and ROI of any training program. Through case studies and real-world examples, he takes you on a transformative journey and builds a bridge from training initiative to bottom-line benefits. Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact is an invaluable tool for anyone who is seeking to identify, report, and optimize the impact of their training dollars. Human resources professionals, business executives, and training practitioners will be able to concisely and confidently report which training investments worked, why they worked, and how to improve results. Whether your training budget is shrinking or growing, the only way to maximize the power of those precious dollars is to build your bridge and measure the impact of your training programs.presentations to show that increasing (or decreasing) a particular metric is linked to greater revenue or significant cost saves. ... The training population was over 2, 000 customer service reps. ... business who emailed me an entire power point presentation that described just how customer satisfaction is related to revenue.

Title:Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact
Author:Paul Leone
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2014-09-02


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