Maximizing Your BookBub Promotion

Maximizing Your BookBub Promotion

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With over one million subscribers, BookBub has become the premier eBook promotion service for independent authors and small presses. While conducting a promotional ad on BookBub can cost upwards of $1, 000, many marketing-savvy authors have utilized this unique service to discover an entirely new group of readers and greatly expand their fan base. BookBuba€™s simplistic promotional technique of emailing readers based on their genre preference has created tremendous exposure opportunities for both new and veteran authors alike. However, this success has caused the promotional platform to become more selective in which books they choose to give ad space: rejection rates of 80% are common across many genres. Additionally, BookBub continues to raise the price for the much coveted ad space in their email promotion, so planning for a satisfactory return on investment is critical. As part of the Best Practice Guides for Authors from BB eBooks, the Maximizing Your BookBub Promotion will help you: a€c Ensure you meet all BookBuba€™s submission requirements for your book so you have the best chance of getting ad space to BookBuba€™s subscribers a€c Choose which genre to select for your book to make your promotion effective without breaking your budget a€c Gain a better understanding of your best marketing strategy, including numerous case studies of successful and unsuccessful BookBub promotions a€c Take advantage of the critical period after your BookBub ad to maximize promotion of your entire catalog Pick up a copy of Maximizing Your BookBub Promotion today so you can most effectively utilize this marketing tool to propel your books to outstanding success and great sales.Apart from that written statement that he is the author of two books available on the Kindle Store, . By Benson Kuafrom Toronto, Canada via Wikimedia Commons By Alan Levinefrom Strawberry, United States via Wikimedia Commons.

Title:Maximizing Your BookBub Promotion
Author:Panich Choonhanirunrit
Publisher:BB eBooks - 2014-01-09


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