Mava Math

Mava Math

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Living My Dream is a true-to-life story. The author takes us step-by-step through the events of his life from childhood in a tiny village of Greece to retirement in the USA and beyond. Occasionally, throughout the book and in his epilogue, he allows us to take a peek at his personal philosophy regarding God, truth, justice, science and our universe in general. Here, he introduces unconventional, yet convincing, ideas to support his philosophy. Most noticeable however is his candid and clear recounting of the events of poverty and hardship throughout his youth. At times, the story becomes almost incredible and we cannot help wonder whether or not those conditions existed indeed in the 1940s and 1950s when he grew up and attended high school, or at the time he worked and attend college at the same time. As a child and as a teenager, he lived through two civil wars and during the German occupation of the land that left him with lasting memories related to those dreadful events. He witnessed the worst form of human brutality perpetuated by men against their fellow men and he was the onlooker of death and destruction of property at the time he was trying to receive his elemental and high school education. He was not able or was not allowed to quench his thirst for higher education in Greece, and against all odds, he migrated to the USA to satisfy the desire for his college education. Without financial support and ignorant of the English language, he arrived in Chicago in 1959 and fought to finance his schooling and to receive his BA. He has been a member of the Food Technology Institute, recognized by Who's Who in America, and in addition to being chemist, he became Packaging Engineer by attending the packaging school of Michigan State University. Living My Dream is truly a compelling story narrating the life story of a young man who struggles to survive and to receive his education under unfavorable social climate. His life story is intertwined with his dream to accomplish things in life, regardless of the obstacles that presented themselves along the way, and is the incarnation of what he believes. qEverything is possible, if you have the desire, provided, your expectations from yourself are realq, he says. To say the least, his narrative makes us appreciate all the freedoms and opportunities our democratic system offers to all of us, things we are taking for granted.Grade Reviews Marla Weiss MAVA Math: Grade Reviews Copyright Ac 2008 Maria Weiss 221. Math. Vocabulary. Words. New. in. Level. 1. add first nine September addend five nineteen seven addition four ninth seventeen ... number line shaded part August function table number sentence shape before geoboard oa#39;clock side between graph October six ... fifteen more rule week fifth mystery number ruler work backwards figure nickel second (ordinal) zero Math Vocabulary Words Newanbsp;...

Title:Mava Math
Author:Marla Weiss
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-08-01


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