Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Modern Biology

Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Modern Biology

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Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Modern Biology offers a quantitative framework for analyzing, predicting, and modulating the behavior of complex biological systems. The book presents important mathematical concepts, methods and tools in the context of essential questions raised in modern biology. Designed around the principles of project-based learning and problem-solving, the book considers biological topics such as neuronal networks, plant population growth, metabolic pathways, and phylogenetic tree reconstruction. The mathematical modeling tools brought to bear on these topics include Boolean and ordinary differential equations, projection matrices, agent-based modeling and several algebraic approaches. Heavy computation in some of the examples is eased by the use of freely available open-source software. Features self-contained chapters with real biological research examples using freely available computational tools Spans several mathematical techniques at basic to advanced levels Offers broad perspective on the uses of algebraic geometry/polynomial algebra in molecular systems biologyLet F be an n-dimensional PDS on variables x1 , ..., xn. The wiring diagram (also known as a dependency graph) of F is a directed graph with vertex set V = {x1 , ..., x n}. A directed edge is drawn from xi to xj if, and only if, xi is present in at leastanbsp;...

Title:Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Modern Biology
Author:Raina Robeva, Terrell Hodge
Publisher:Academic Press - 2013-02-26


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