Mathematical and Physical Papers

Mathematical and Physical Papers

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William Thomson, first Baron Kelvin (1824-1907), is best known for devising the Kelvin scale of absolute temperature and for his work on the first and second laws of thermodynamics, though throughout his 53-year career as a mathematical physicist and engineer at the University of Glasgow he investigated a wide range of scientific questions in areas ranging from geology to transatlantic telegraph cables. The extent of his work is revealed in the six volumes of his Mathematical and Physical Papers, published from 1882 until 1911, consisting of articles that appeared in scientific periodicals from 1841 onwards. Volume 2, published in 1884, includes articles from the period 1853-1856, and puts a special emphasis on the issue of the development of electric telegraphy. Also included is Thomson's Bakerian Lecture on the electro-dynamic qualities of metals.tray Daniells, the other stud with the sliding piece of a resistanceslide, R. This slide was designed for the purpose of allowing the battery strength to be raised continuously from 0 to nearly 1 cell, and from 1 cell to nearly 2 cells, and so on. It consisted of a contact-making slider, S, movable along a bare copper wire connecting the two poles of the cell to be sub-divided. This wire, which was 64 metres in length, and had a resistance of a#39;67 ohm, was stretched for convenience alternatelyanbsp;...

Title:Mathematical and Physical Papers
Author:William Thomson
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2011-06-30


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