Math Workout for the New GMAT, 4th Edition

Math Workout for the New GMAT, 4th Edition

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If you need to know it for the new, next-generation GMAT, ita€™s in this book. Math Workout for the New GMAT, 4th Edition has been optimized for e-readers, with all questions, answers, and explanations cross-linked for easy on-screen viewing. It includes: a€c More than 220 practice questions with full answer explanations to show you exactly what to expect on the Quantitative section of the new GMAT, covering data sufficiency, statistics, algebra, geometry, and more a€c A thorough introduction to the brand-new Integrated Reasoning section and question types: table analysis, graphics interpretation, multi-source reasoning, and two-part analysis a€c Proven strategies for acing tricky data sufficiency problems a€c Tips and tricks to help you effectively manage your time on geometry and algebra questions... line that can be drawn between any two points on the cube? s~/5 s~/5 s\/5 5 .5 s OOOOO Start by drawing a picture of a cube. ... COORDINATE GEOMETRY The coordinate grid is made up of an x-axis and a y-axis. When a coordinate is listed, it will be in the format of (x, _|/). ... Ita#39;s very easy to get your x and y confused.

Title:Math Workout for the New GMAT, 4th Edition
Author:Princeton Review
Publisher:Princeton Review - 2012-05-22


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