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Natha Singh alias Nathu is a retired primary school teacher in Narangwal, a village in Ludhiana district in the State of Punjab. He begins his day reciting from the Sikh holy books then goes at dawn to the Gurudwara for morning prayers. Stooped and thin, he takes long, slow walks in the village fields, talks to other old men as they pass by, and is greeted as a€œMasterjia€ by the younger mena€”many of whom were his students. Not many of them know the story of how he became a€œMasterji, a€ a respected school teacher. This story has been written by his son, Sewa Singh. Natha Singh told us how badly the Sansis, the people of his caste, were treated when he was young. They were at the very bottom of the society, below all the other a€œUntouchablea€ classes and designated a a€œCriminal Tribea€ by the British. They were very poor and considered dirty by the Jat farmers. They were the only a€œcriminal tribea€ living in Narangwal, and the family lived at the edge of the village pond. Neither his father nor any of his relatives could read or write, and most of them made the least part of their living by stealing and hunting wild rabbits, cats, and jackals, etc.In the ninth and tenth grade we had studied Mathematics and Science subjects in English but History and Geography ... Surprisingly during the final exam, the History and Geography question papers were set in English but ... For our convenience the teachers would elucidate the questions in detail in Punjabi or Urdu.

Author:Sewa Singh
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2015-07-17


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