MasteringJavaScriptand Jscript

MasteringJavaScriptand Jscript

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Make Your Web Site Dynamic But how? Mastering JavaScript and JScript teaches you everything you need to know about these popular scripting languages to transform any Web site into a dynamic, interactive, practical application. For those without programming knowledge, it starts at the beginning: you'll learn basic concepts and skills and quickly go on to tackle the tasks you want to accomplish. For experienced programmers, it offers plenty of advanced instruction. Jaworski, a scripting expert, shares insights and techniques that will see you through the most challenging projects. Coverage includes: * Writing client-side JavaScript and JScript * Ensuring that your scripts work with IE and Navigator * Writing server-side JavaScript * Writing LiveWire applications * Integrating JScript with Active Server Pages * Using JavaScript to connect to databases * Using JavaScript with Java applets * Using JScript with ActiveX * Using Windows Scripting Host * Handling events * Working with objects * Communicating with plug-ins * Processing forms * Using hidden fields and cookies * Creating Web page widgets * Developing search tools * Programming games * Interfacing with CGI programs * Working with style sheets and DHTML * Securing your scriptsThe correctO Function This function increments the currentQuestion, numberOf Questions, and correctAnswers variables and invokes ... Listing 8.8 Quiz Questions (history.js) //Heading displayed on the quiz Using JavaScript with Cookies 349.

Title:MasteringJavaScriptand Jscript
Author:James Jaworski
Publisher:Sybex - 1999-04-23


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