Mastering Leap Motion

Mastering Leap Motion

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If you want to begin writing full-fledged applications for the Leap Motion Controller or are trying to figure out how a Leap Motion device integrates with pre-existing technologies, this is the book for you. A working knowledge of any object-oriented programming language is essential. Basic familiarity with developing Leap Motion apps is assumed.In short, Kinectis a motion tracker developed by Microsoft for its Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming platforms. ... a robot, thanks to its advanced suite of range finders and cameras offered at avery competitive price along with a welldocumented and widely available API. However, ifKinect ismore mature than theLeap Motion Controller and competitively priced, why would we developersuse theLeap instead?

Title:Mastering Leap Motion
Author:Brandon Sanders
Publisher:Packt Publishing Ltd - 2014-11-28


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