Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis

Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis

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One of the best classical methods of technical analysis brought up to date This book offers a modern treatment of Hurst's original system of market cycle analysis. It will teach you how to get to the point where you can isolate cycles in any freely-traded financial instrument and make an assessment of their likely future course. Although Hurst's methodology can seem outwardly complex, the logic underpinning it is straightforward. With practice the skill needed to conduct a full cycle analysis quickly and effectively will become second nature. The rewards for becoming adept are high conviction trades, tight risk management and mastery of a largely non-correlated system of analysis. In this extensive step-by-step guide you will find a full description of the principal tools and techniques taught by Hurst as well as over 120 colour charts, together with tables and diagrams. The Updata and TradeStation code for all of the indicators shown is also included.#COLOUR: Updata uses the additive primary colour RGB system. You can choose whatever colours you like for FLDs, and the full table of colours can be found at Remember though that your colour codeanbsp;...

Title:Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis
Author:Christopher Grafton
Publisher:Harriman House Limited - 2011


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