Mastering 3D Animation

Mastering 3D Animation

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Riveting illustrations and step-by-step instructions show animators at allevels how to create professional, studio quality 3D models and animations inhis easy-to-follow guide, now revised to cover the latest developments inoftware and subdivision modelling. Professional animator and professor ofnimation Peter Ratner teaches aspiring and experienced animators theundamentals of NURBS and polygon modelling and animation, animating witheformation tools, special effects, modelling human features and figures, ighting, surfacing, expressing emotion with facial animation, animatingction, composition, and cinematography. Instructions and exercises arerovided in a non-software and non-platform specific format to encourageeaders to experiment with their own technology. The book includes more than00 useful illustrations along with models and sample animations on a CD-ROM.his guide is a crash course in the up-and-coming field of animation thatakes readers chapter-by-chapter from the introductory level to the advanced a book no aspiring animator or animation instructor will want to miss.When using the knife tool to split the fingernails (Step 63), you will most likely have to repeat this process on the other hand, or you can just finish splitting the nails and then mirror the hand to replace the one on the other side that does not have the nails split Step 64. Right now, each finger and ... The middle line points are pulled down for creases and moved up to make the veins. These kind of modeledanbsp;...

Title:Mastering 3D Animation
Publisher:Allworth Communications, Inc. - 2004


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