Master Dressage

Master Dressage

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Master Dressage - Get Access to free weekly webinars, videos, audio and articles upon purchasing the book. Details inside the book. The world of horse riding is changing. People are no longer satisfied with vague instructions, the mystique of talented riders, or the mishmash of teaching methods - which seem to contradict each other and lack long-term effectiveness. Riders want answers! Riders today are becoming more intelligent about their training, and are much more concerned with the welfare of the horse and using ethical training methods. In this book you'll discover how to learn more effectively, how to develop a better relationship with your horse, and how to develop an end-to-end strategy for training yourself and your horse to compete at dressage. I will show you the map, give you the right tools, and be your guide to a more successful competitive experience. This book is ideally suited for riders elementary/level 2 and below. It provides riders and trainers alike with new ideas, new approaches to competing and provides a framework for continued learning, putting the rider firmly on the side of the horse! I choose the title Master Dressage, because by reading this book, you will have a way of thinking, training and learning which allows you to go out and master dressage. Note: This book has been designed to be read in print format with the text on the left and a diagram on the right. The kindle format is laid out well, but nothing beats the readability of a book for instructional text Testimonials qIf you would like to improve your accuracy, get more marks and understand the basics of riding and training dressage, then buy this book!q Lindsay Jenkins International Grand Prix Rider, British Dressage List 1 Judge, FEI 3/4 star Event Judge, Accredited Coach with British Dressage - qPeter Dove has done a great job in explaining the geometry of the movements, and the problems that people commonly experience when riding them. Understanding the reasons for doing them, and how they fit and flow together is a great help in both riding a test that will score well, and within day to day training.q Mary Wanless BHSI BSc International Rider Biomechanics coach and author of the Ride With Your Mind Books a DVDs - qThis book is a fantastic concept for riders from grass roots, to those advancing up the levels. We all need some guidance and a plan to work to both short term and long term, to achieve our goals, and this book gives that support and logic to really encourage a thinking rider. It will be a well used book in anyones tool kit.q Demelza Hawes International Classical Dressage Rider/Trainer - qWhat the book provided for me was a clarity and structure in my thinking about preparation for competition, both for myself and my clients. It also gave me a new way of viewing the purpose of the competition, which may take some of the stress away from competitions themselves (currently I don't get out often). For less experienced riders, I believe it will provide a great foundational structure. It will guide them on the best path forward. Even if there are some elements they don't yet understand or have feeling for, it will bring to their awareness things they might be thinking about and noticing, and in due course giving them valuable AhHa moments. I wish I'd had this book as a reference point when doing my Pony Club tests and BHS stages.q Karin Major - Move To Improve Equestrian - Rider Biomechanics Coach and Rider Body Awareness and Movement specialist.;If you would like to improve your accuracy, get more marks and understand the basics of riding and training dressage, then buy this book!

Title:Master Dressage
Author:Peter Dove
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2015-03-20


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