Maske: Thaery

Maske: Thaery

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There is a Hole at the eastern fringe of the known universe. Deep within it hangs a lost star, Mora, with twin planets, Maske and Skay. On wild Maske there is a rocky peninsula inhabited by a clan of warlike dreamers, the Droads. The eldest son, Trewe, is by birthright Droad of Droad. The second son has no choice but to turn his face toward adventure. His name is Jubal Droad...Toil in the Thariot factories he rejected out of hand, though a diligent and punctual man might eventually do well for himself. As a Glint he ... The Space Navy and the Beneficial Service* were reserved to scions of the high Thariot ilks and so completely closed to him. ... Here he helped repair the trestle which carried a plank walkway on spraddling fifty-foot piles across the tide-flats* to Black Rock Island.

Title:Maske: Thaery
Author:Jack Vance
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-12-19


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