Marxist Historiographies

Marxist Historiographies

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Marxist Historiography is the first book to examine the ebb and flow of Marxist historiography from a global and cross-cultural perspective. Since the eighteenth century, few schools of historical thought have exerted a more lasting impact than Marxism, and this impact extends far beyond the Western world within which it is most commonly analysed. Edited by two highly respected authors in the field, this book deals with the effect of Marxism on historical writings not only in parts of Europe, where it originated, but also in countries and regions in Africa, Asia, North and South America and the Middle East. Rather than presenting the chapters geographically, it is structured with respect to how Marxist influence was shown in the works of historians in a particular area. This title takes a dual approach to the subject; some chapters are national in scope, addressing the Marxist impact on historical practices within a country, whereas others deal with the varied expressions of Marxist historiography throughout a wider region. Taking a truly global perspective on this topic, Marxist Historiography demonstrates clearly the breadth and depth of Marxisma€™s influence in historical writing throughout the world and is essential reading for all students of historiography.and interpret Stalin, Hitler and World War II (those born in the aftermath of World War I, such as Zs. Pach, I. T. Berend-Gy. ... What are the East and Central European peculiarities of the uses and abuses of the Marxist interpretation of history?

Title:Marxist Historiographies
Author:Q. Edward Wang, Georg G. Iggers
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-07-16


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