Mars, Ho!

Mars, Ho!

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Captain John Knolls thinks he's just been given the best assignment of his career -- ferrying two hundred prostitutes to Mars. He doesn't know that they're all addicticed to a drug that causes them to commit extreme, deadly violence when they are experiencing withdrawal or that he'll face more pirates than anyone had ever seen before. Or that he'd fall in love. A humorous science fiction space novel, a horror story, a love story, a pirate story, a tale of corporate bureaucracy and incompetence. Oh, and sex, drugs, and rock and roll.This was certainly not his best day, good golf game aside. Hea#39;d spent way too much time on the golf course and only had time for a little more of Knollsa#39; report, and now he had to chew out that ... a€œIa#39;m talking about this schematic wiring diagram.

Title:Mars, Ho!
Author:mcgrew - 2014-12-27


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