Marketing Planning by Design

Marketing Planning by Design

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Marketing is under immense pressure to perform: required to submit reports to management, judged by the sales department based on whether it helps sales, scrutinized by financial controlling regarding how efficiently it uses budgets, and last but not least, under constant review by customers, markets and the public. Marketing faces more dilemmas and conflicts of interest than any other part of a company. The reason for this lies in the lack of a plan for marketing planning. This book not only identifies numerous examples of this problem as experienced by businesses, it also offers ways of solving the problem. Ralf Strauss highlights a 7 phase process for marketing planning, where the potential marketing can reach is demonstrated. Useful check lists included in this book allow the readers to readily create their own a€˜plans for a marketing planninga€™. With insights drawn from more than 150 case studies included in the book, Marketing Planning by Design covers areas such as: How to overcome existing hurdles of marketing planning and marketing strategy. How to set up a project for managing the marketing planning cycle. How to develop a really target group and content driven marketing planning, which is stepwise cascaded from a program, campaign down to a tactical level. How to make marketing accountable in terms of performance measurement. How to implement an enhanced marketing planning in the organisation. How to systematically integrate Web 2.0 into marketing planning, or how to link marketing with modern IT. This highly practical book is destined to be a must-have reference work on any marketera€™s desk.Different ideas need to be worked out for conveying the advantages of the service being offered, structuring customer preferences with regard ... as well as to train internal sales associates. ... A communication center or interaction center is a call center that has been enhanced to accommodate Internet applications. ... This Inbound Customer Service Outbound aamp; Inbound Telesales Telecoverage (In - ternal.

Title:Marketing Planning by Design
Author:Ralf Strauss
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2010-04-01


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