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Gas grills. Riding lawn mowers. Pop-top beer cans. Forget fire and arrowheads and the wheel. The best tools invented by man are such wonders as beer, bikinis, and ESPN. And there's more where they came from, in this hilarious look at the stuff real men are made of: Chow and Suds (microwaves, vending machines, Tabasco sauce) Sports and Recreation (golf carts, cleats, shin guards) Household Gadgets (superglue, Swiss Army knives, Duct tape) Fun and Games (Pong, fantasy football, Wii) Out and About (drive-through restaurants, roller coasters, ATM machines) And More! With fun Man-tastic Facts (bits of trivia) and Man-Dates (important dates in manvention history), this book will remind you why it's great being a man!eral people independently John Deere died in 1886, long In the early 1900s, rotary mowers were born when sevmounted ... bragging rights to really up the before his company ever sold a riding lawn mower (or even a green-and-yellow tractor). ... Larger yards needed more power than a manual reel mower could deliver.

Author:Bobby Mercer
Publisher:Adams Media - 2011-03-18


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