Manual on the Wearing of Religious Symbols in Public Areas

Manual on the Wearing of Religious Symbols in Public Areas

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This manual explores how the European Convention on Human Rights relates to the freedom of thought, conscience and religion. It identifies the key concepts which can be found in the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and examines the role and responsibilities of both state and citizen. The central issue addressed is the wearing of religious symbols in public areas. For this purpose, the author first looks at a number of fundamental topics, including the rsqvisibility' of religions and beliefs in the public sphere, and the notion of rsqwearing religious symbols'. The essential questions policy makers need to ask when addressing issues concerning the wearing of religious symbols are then listed. Finally, the manual seeks to apply these principles and approaches to a number of key areas such as state employment, schools and universities, the private sector and the criminal justice system.In conclusion, it can be said that whilst the nuance of application may differ, there is no fundamental difference in the approaches to be applied ... forces to insist on the removal of religiously inspired symbols and clothing where this is necessary on security grounds.41 41 See, for example, Phull v. France (dec), op.cit.

Title:Manual on the Wearing of Religious Symbols in Public Areas
Author:Malcolm David Evans
Publisher:Council of Europe - 2009-01-01


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