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What effect will the networked economy have on the day-to-day challenges of managing a business? The first generation of dot com companies has come and gone, but the challenges of a web-centric, more entrepreneurial approach to business is here to stay. As big business takes up the entrepreneurial challenge of new technologies and new enterprises face up to the fundamentals of business, managers everywhere are doing things differently. Now, all companies will become web companies and learn how to communicate with customers through digital interfaces. qManaging.comq combines the energy and opportunity of starting up with the practical challenges of leading people and business in times of turbulent change. A mix of tactical insight, personal effectiveness, and inspiration, this is a handbook for wired managers and entrepreneurial companies everywhere. At the heart of this handbook and at the heart of tomorrow's enterprise is the art of the start-up and the re-start. Whether you are a young entrepreneur or an executive in a corporation, the direction of talent and creativity in pursuit of successful new ventures will be the stuff of great management. is a hands-on approach to management in a turbulent digital world. This is a handbook for managing talented people, new ventures, new technology and changing company culture--in a world where new opportunities meet the realities of sound business.qqManaging.comq is about managing and leading in a chaotic and dynamic environment. ItUs based on the hard lessons of starting and growing internet companies. So this is a handbook about the things we learned, about what works and what doesn't. About managing the future, dayby day.q --Fredrik ArnanderOn January 28 1999, Ford Motor Company bought Volvo for $6 billion. By then the new boss was Leif ... The idea of connecting people was worth as much as or more than transporting people in cars. A visionary business leader like Mranbsp;...
Author:Fredrik Arnander
Publisher:FT Press - 2001


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