Managing by Remote Control

Managing by Remote Control

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Point. Click. Done! What a world this would be if everything worked as easily and efficiently as your TV set's remote control. Today's managers could definitely use such convenience in their day-to-day dealings. Many of them face far too many responsibilities for one person. Traditional qempowerment, q allowing support staff to take on some of the overload, often produced less-than-desirable results. Even so, some form of empowerment has become an absolute necessity for maxed-out managers. If you suffer from nagging, stressful management overload... Managing by Remote Control now brings you relief! Peter R. Garber, a manager of teamwork development, offers new concepts and techniques to make empowerment practical. He tells why and how past methods failed-and replaces those with more effective measures. Eventually, your capable support staff will make decisions, and solve problems as if a manager were always present and calling the shots. By comparing his techniques and philosophies to the functions of a TV set's remote control, Garber takes an entertaining and humorous approach to the subject. Even those who would rather watch TV than read a business book will find Managing by Remote Control entertaining-and informative. Don't wait for rerun season-read it soon!All we have to do is program our VCRs and choose when we want to watch the programs of our choice rather than to have this decision dictated to us by the TV Guidea#39;s programming schedule for the week. VCRs give us tremendous optionsanbsp;...

Title:Managing by Remote Control
Author:Peter R Garber
Publisher:CRC Press - 1998-12-22


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