Man Enough?

Man Enough?

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Think You Know Your Stuff? Prove It. The gauntlet's been thrown down. Time to man up and face the challenge. This book tests it alla€”sports, movies, cars, history, everythinga€”everything any real guy should know. And acing this test's the only way to prove you know it all. What type of gun does Dirty Harry use to clean up the streets and display his general badassness? Which beer is the product of the oldest active brewery in the United States? Who's the only player to pull off the improbable feat of a walkoff inside-the-park grand slam? Which gangster was responsible for the Valentine's Day Massacre? What was the name of Mr. T's character on The A-Team? The answer's pretty clear: You need this book. Whether it's to keep from getting schooled or to school your buddies, it's required reading. No question.The Facts and Stats Every Real Guy Should Know Max Brallier, Geoff Baker. 33. ... 1988 Chevy Camaro What make of car does Jack Cate drive in 48 Hrs? III a. Buick II b. Chevy II c. Ford III d. Cadillac What car continually gets abused by theanbsp;...

Title:Man Enough?
Author:Max Brallier, Geoff Baker
Publisher:F+W Media, Inc. - 2012-03-18


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