Malice from Nowhere - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 6A

Malice from Nowhere - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 6A

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Several civilian cargo vessels are mysteriously destroyed and their crews killed. FltAdm Jensen, who is responsible for the security of the Alliance, is doing all he can trying to find out who is responsible? Is it terrorism or just someone retaliating against the shipping industry? Fleet's COM specialists intercept Anuran COM signals and inform their military leaders. The leaders are very edgy because they aren't too sure what is happening until the leaders of that empire come to the alliance seeking a meeting. Why these qambassadorsq have come to the alliance, the politicians don't know, and even FltAdm Jensen and his staff are surprised at who theqambassadorq really is and why he has come to the Alliance of Planets? The Alliance's only two DSC class warships are sent to assist the Anuran Empire with the fight they're having with an invader. Things don't go as expected and both alliance ships suffer numerous casualties, including Capt Morton's bride of only a few months, Cmdr Ely Munde-Morton.JT moved to where his wife was and watched her playing a video game. It was a game of her versus General Zaus of the Planeteria Destruction Forces or PDF. Katea#39;s the commander of the Solandaran Fleet and must stop the PDF invasion.

Title:Malice from Nowhere - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 6A
Author:John B. Bolton
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-03-10


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