Making the Grades

Making the Grades

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In this alternately amusing and appalling exposAc of the standardized test industry, fifteen-year veteran Todd Farley describes statisticians who make decisions about students without even looking at their test answers; state education officials willing to change the way tests are scored whenever they dona€™t like the results; and massive, multi-national, for-profit testing companies who regularly opt for expediency and profit over the altruistic educational goals of teaching and learning. Although there are absurd moments--as when Farley and coworkers had to grade students based on how they described the taste of their favorite food-- the enormous importance of standardized tests in the post a€œNo Child Left Behinda€ era make this no laughing matter. a€œThis book is dynamite! The nice personal voice makes it utterly accessible and enticing, wholly apart from the terribly important ammunition it provides to those of us in the `testing warsa€™ at national and local levels.a€a€”Jonathan Kozol, author of Savage Inequities... 163a€“164 Trend Tests in, 165a€“173, 182a€“183 work schedule in, 171a€“172 Practice Papers in fourth grade reading test on ... on validity of samples, 147 Qualifying tests for scorers, 231a€“232 for eighth grade writing test on something of importance, ... 82a€“83 Range-finding, 98a€“119 compared to scoring work, 99 differences of opinions in, 239 for fourth grade reading ... 45, 49 for NAEP 1998 writing assessment, 107a€“119 for fourth grade essays on favorite objects, 109a€“ 119 predictions ofanbsp;...

Title:Making the Grades
Author:Todd Farley
Publisher:Berrett-Koehler Publishers - 2011-01-01


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