Making The Akai EWI USB Sound Like A Saxophone (2015-01-01)

Making The Akai EWI USB Sound Like A Saxophone (2015-01-01)

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This book is for the amateur musicians who are interested in making the Akai EWI USB sound like a saxophone. It explains the functions of the EWIa€™s various sensors, its hardware settings, The Saxophones software synthesiser settings, and external connections. And it describes the similarities and the differences between the EWI and the saxophone. But this book is not a detailed techniques book for the EWI USB. 2015-01-01: Am Expand SampleModeling The Saxophone software synthesiser settings Am Add explanation on the use of Apple AU Lab Am Add information on the new Akai EWI5000 2014-04-07: Am Clarify some of the explanations 2014-01-26: Am Fix minor errors 2013-10-10: Am Initial publicationThe SWAM engine can run as an Audio Unit (AU) plug- in hosted within Apple GarageBand or similar digital audio workstation (DAW). As DAWs go ... not use its software synthesiser. The late 2013 model Apple MacBook Pro laptop ($1, 200 ).

Title:Making The Akai EWI USB Sound Like A Saxophone (2015-01-01)
Author:Amen Zwa, Esq.
Publisher:sOnit, Inc. - 2013-10-10


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