Make Money with Your Camcorder and PC

Make Money with Your Camcorder and PC

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How can you quickly make money at home and online with your digital 8 video camcorder, your personal computer, some software such as PhotoShop and Windows XP, and perhaps, your digital camera? You can develop training materials for businesses or students. Prepare reports, a video news clipping service, package information or products. For every service or product sold, somebody can benefit by writing how-to or learning/training materials. Here are more than 25 different stay-at-home businesses that you can operate online with your digital 8 camcorder and your personal computer as a low-capital start-up business. The creative home-based persona€™s guide to making money online with a digital 8 video camcorder, digital camera, a Personal Computer, and Video-Editing Software. Make money with your digital video camcorder and Your PC. Create training materials, business reports, services, or entertainment in a home-based business online with your personal computer. Calling all creative people to write and/or produce digital 8 camcorder videos or still picture scrapbooks and databases with sound, video, text, and graphics in their PCs. The movie-making process in Windows XP starts as you first capture home or instructional videos with your camera. People remember seven items in short-term memory. So anything you create would be better off it it came in a package or database, advertisement, or training segment based on remembering seven items. Submit what youa€™ve developed on a Tuesday, the most productive day of the week, and present only seven items to remember in a segment.Interior decorating on video, or home remodeling techniques 335.Art instruction videos 336.Wholesaling by video or ... Quizzes and aptitude tests on video. 351. Personality testing 352.Metaphysical videos 342.Media Interface Liaison 343.

Title:Make Money with Your Camcorder and PC
Author:Anne Hart
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-03-01


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