Make: JavaScript Robotics

Make: JavaScript Robotics

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JavaScript Robotics is on the rise. Rick Waldron, the lead author of this book and creator of the Johnny-Five platform, is at the forefront of this movement. Johnny-Five is an open source JavaScript Arduino programming framework for robotics. This book brings together fifteen innovative programmers, each creating a unique Johnny-Five robot step-by-step, and offering tips and tricks along the way. Experience with JavaScript is a prerequisite.Building NodeBots with Johnny-Five, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and BeagleBone Backstop Media, Rick Waldron, Andrew Fisher, Lyza Danger ... to the Right Shoe soldering, Solder the Sensors to the Wiring Forcesensitive resistor (FSR), Parts Explained forever module, Code Time! ... Position the Disks support, building, Build the Disk Support H HBridge chip, Why Use a Motor Driver?, Initializing JohnnyFive.

Title:Make: JavaScript Robotics
Author:Backstop Media, Rick Waldron, Andrew Fisher, Lyza Danger Gardner, Susan Hinton, Sara Gorecki, Bryan Hughes, David Resseguie, Emily Rose, Raquel Velez, Jonathan Beri, Kassandra Perch, Anna Gerber, Donovan Buck, Julian David Duque, Pawel Szymczykowski
Publisher:Maker Media, Inc. - 2015-04-13


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