Major Problems

Major Problems

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The dead have risen and the world has been sent into turmoil. Among the chaos the Barnes family has found themselves separated from each other, within the safe zone of Camp Reagan; a refugee from the dangers outside ita€™s walls. But the danger inside the walls may prove to be more sinister than the living dead horde waiting on the outside. Their only hope of survival will be to adapt to this twisted scenario of life of possibly escape the terror and evil inside that comes with being held under the umbrella of Major William Waynewright.Ben was pointing at a white Ford Focus. Randy turns his head and sees two small children in the back of the vehicle with no signs of an adult. Four of the walking dead are outside the Focus, pounding on the windows, trying to get inside.

Title:Major Problems
Author:T. L. Wegienka
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2015-06-12


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