Machinery's Handbook Made Easy

Machinery's Handbook Made Easy

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Improve Your Manufacturing SkillsMachinery's Handbook Made EasyThis is a time-saving navigational tool for Machinery's Handbookq for experienced professionals and beginners alike. You will learn how to quicklyq find exactly what you need from the Handbook's qvast compilation of data, standards and text. q The contents are organized in an intuitive, easy-to-follow manner and are crossed-referenced to the 29th and 28th editions. Keep it open right alongside your Handbook at all times as a guide to maximum efficiency.Table 6.2 is a coordinate list showing X and Y positions relative to the origin: Table 6.2 Coordinate List X Y P1 3.0 2.0 P2 24.0 1.0 P3 22.0 23.0 P4 2.0 22.0 G- codes are the language of CNC machines. The G-codes below are standard foranbsp;...

Title:Machinery's Handbook Made Easy
Author:Edward Janecek
Publisher:Industrial Press - 2012-02-01


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