Luftwaffe Over America

Luftwaffe Over America

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The plans that Nazi Germany had to raid A– and bomb A– New York and the eastern seabord are revealed in this book. They depended upon the use of transoceanic aircraft, such as the six-engined Ju 390, Me 264 or Ta 400, but the Third Reich was unable to produce these machines in sufficient numbers.However, the hesitant attitude of Japan, fearing problems with the Soviets should the aircraft overfly USSR airspace, was a major ... transport In May 1942 Junkers received the contract for the first three prototypes, to be equipped with BMW 801 radial engines. The later Ju 390 A-1 series was a development on the Ju 290 B-1 transport idea using the planned C-1 airframe for a six-engined Ju 290 variant.

Title:Luftwaffe Over America
Author:Manfred Griehl
Publisher:Frontline Books - 2004-08-01


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