Loving an Imperfect Man

Loving an Imperfect Man

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This groundbreaking guide is for every woman who is ready to create a stronger, healthier, more satisfying partnership. Unlike other relationship books, which focus on changing a mate, Loving an Imperfect Man provides a road map to a totally different path -- a path whose focus is solely on you...your personal growth, your healing, your getting in touch with your inner worth. qI'm perfectly happy with the man in my life.q After spending more than ten years working with thousands of women, nationally acclaimed lecturer and bestselling author Ellen Sue Stern is convinced that deep within every woman's heart, that ideal is what she yearns for. The good news is that despite their discontent, the majority of women remain committed to the possibility of improving their relationships. The bad news is that many women are starting to run out of ideas, patience...and time. Put yourself in charge -- now -- and stop waiting for your partner to fulfill your dreams. Loving an Imperfect Man is the winning blueprint to discovering how to love and accept your man for who he is...and reinvest your energy toward becoming the strong, powerful, and deserving woman you truly are.shake, and grind to a halt. ... Ia#39;d noticed a red light flashing on the dashboard for a few months, and it had crossed my mind to ask the gas station ... their fashionably high threea€“inch heels, I stumbled along the shoulder, up the freeway ramp, and into a service station ... Having neglected to change the oil, I threw a rod and had to buy a new engine for a three-year-old car with less than 20, 000 miles on it.

Title:Loving an Imperfect Man
Author:Ellen Sue Stern
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 1997-02-01


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