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LOVER BOY IS DYING TO COME OUT AND PLAY. The rules: Two weeks before he intends to slowly and sadistically kill his prey, Loverboy sends a collage of the future crime scene to the FBI. If the agents can solve the riddles of the collage in time, they can save the victim. Loverboy thinks thata€™s more than fair. Ita€™s not his fault the feds have already failed five times. The players: Rosalind Carnow was last seen alone in her Las Vegas hotel room. No one knows where she is nowa€”except Loverboy, and hea€™s not saying a word. Imogen Page, an FBI agent with a painful past and uncertain future, may be the only person who can find hera€”and she is determined to decipher Loverboya€™s brilliant but deranged puzzle. If Loveboy lets her get that far. The game: Imogen matches wits with a homicidal mastermind, a fiercely intelligent opponent. Armed with her extraordinarily keen sense for detection, she must do for Rosalind what could not be done for Loverboya€™s previous victims: save her life. From the Trade Paperback edition.Imogen could still sense the low hum of the airplane engine vibrating in her bones as she and Benton climbed out of their rented Ford Focus in front of the visitorsa#39; entrance of the White Haven Correctional Institute. At least, she told herself itanbsp;...

Author:Michele Jaffe
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2004-06-01


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