Love, Suburban Style

Love, Suburban Style

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Fed up with her moody teenage daughter, Meg Addams decides what they both need is a good dose of suburban wholesomeness. But when they leave Manhattan behind for Meg's humble blue-collar hometown, they find it crowded with wealthy strangers and upscale boutiques. Settling into a creaky fixer-upper, Meg finally spots a familiar face right next door--and it belongs to none other than Sam Rooney. The would-be love of Meg's high school life is now a single dad, her daughter's new soccer coach--and a neighborly ghost-buster whenever things go bump in the night. With three kids and an undeniable attraction between them, Meg and Sam are in for some heart-racing, wee-hour encounters that have nothing to do with spirits...but everything to do with hearts. Word Count: 96, 000 words.a€œWherea#39;s the fuse box?a€ a€œForget it.a€ a€œWhat?a€ a€œForget aboutthe wiring. Ia#39;ve got an electrician coming anyway. And wecana#39;t just turn a blind eye towhatevera#39;s going on between Cosette and Ben.a€ a€œI dona#39;t intendto.a€ a€œThen what are you going to do?

Title:Love, Suburban Style
Author:Wendy Markham
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2007-07-01


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