Love: A User's Guide

Love: A User's Guide

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Working for Vogue, Amy spends her days dressing waif models in Londona€™s latest apparel while fending off insults from the Gucci-garbed staff. Hardly the glamorous job she hoped it would be. But that wona€™t stop her from fantasizing about the sensational life she knows shea€™s destined fora€”or the prince whoa€™s bound to redeem her from a less-than-glowing record in romance. However, beneath her dreamy exterior, Amy has a sure streak of common sense. So when the impossible happensa€”and her path crosses that of Londona€™s hottest film stara€”she swoons with longing, expecting nothing in return. But Orlando Rock has other ideas. For Amy is just the kind of girl hea€™s after: smart and witty, different from the daft supermodels and vain leading ladies hea€™s dated before. Or is she? For with fame, fortune, and true love just around the corner, Amya€™s head is spinning, her jet-fueled imagination poised for takeoff. Is her love for Orlando stronger than her lust for the limelighta€”or is she merely fated to be the paparazzia€™s latest prey?But then she became transfixed by his nostrils, noticing the red raw insides. Should have known, she thought. Well, Ia#39;m definitely not going home with some sex-crazed drug fiend. Steady, Amy, hea#39;s just a bloke who likes the odd snort, but Amyanbsp;...

Title:Love: A User's Guide
Author:Clare Naylor
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2012-06-13


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