Loot the Moon

Loot the Moon

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From the Shamus Award nominee of Spiked comes this much-anticipated sequel to the highly acclaimed Gravewriter In this next electifying thriller from up-and-coming author Mark Arsenault, former journalist and beaten-down gambler Billy Povich returns to aid Martin Smothers, the Patron Lawyer of Hopeless Causes. Martin's old law partner, the well-respected superior court judge Gilbert Harmony, has been shot by a thief who dies in a car crash. The cops close the case, but Martin doesn't believe a two-bit shoplifter would suddenly kill a judge---somebody must have paid him to do it. The suspects range from a vengeful mobster to a jealous brother to the judge's widow, and---oops---his mistress and her son. And as Billy comes closer to the truth, it isn't long before the killer takes aim at him.he battered Ford Contour sedan that Scratch bought off the back lot of an auto- body shop in Cranston had cost four hundred in cash, twenty for ... His mail would be forwarded among shifting addresses, so unless his attacker worked for the U.S. Postal Service, Scratch should be un- ... The car was Plan B. The Ford was such a shitbox: no radio, dinged all over, and the engine coughed like a chain smoker.

Title:Loot the Moon
Author:Mark Arsenault
Publisher:Macmillan - 2009-10-13


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