Looking and Acting

Looking and Acting

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The human visual system is amazing in its ability to guide us in a diverse range of everyday tasks - driving, preparing food, reading - in addition to leisurely pursuits such as ball games, or reading music. Somehow, without conscious effort, our eyes find the information we need to negotiate the world around us. Only recently, however, has it become possible to explore just how it is that our eyes can supply the brain systems controling our limbs with the information they need to carry out these tasks. Thanks to the development of head-mounted eye trackers, we can now explore the strategies that the eye movement system uses in the the initation and guidance of action. Looking and Acting explores a wide variety of visually guided activities - from sedentary activities such as reading music, or drawing, to dynamic behaviours such as driving or playing cricket. It proposes that the eye movement system has its own store of knowledge about where to find the most appropriate information for guiding action - information not often available to conscious scrutiny. Thus, every action has its own specific repertoire of linked eye movements. The book starts with a brief background of eye movement studies. Part two reviews observations and analyses of different activities. Finally, the book looks at visual representations, the neurophysiology of the brain systems involved, and the roles of attention and learning. Opening up a whole new field in eye movement research, the fascinating new book will be of great interest to all vision scientists, (psychologists, physiologists, ophthalmologists) whether at professional, graduate, or advanced undergraduate levels.7.15 (right) the car is stationary at traffic lights, and the fixation pattern is completely different. ... In this situation viewing is recreational, unlike the serious vigilance apparent when driving in traffic. ... Crundall (2005) also found that when potentially hazardous situations become visible in a video clip the ability of drivers to ... These include steering (staying in lane, turning corners), braking, gear changing (exacerbated by clutch control in a stick-shift car), using the rear- view mirror, lookinganbsp;...

Title:Looking and Acting
Author:Michael Land, Benjamin Tatler
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2009-07-30


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