Living To Be A Hundred

Living To Be A Hundred

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IF THERE IS ONE BOOK WHICH SPANS GENERATIONS WITH THE COMMON THREAD OF COLLECTIVE WISDOM, IT IS THIS ONE. Nineteen centenarians from different countries and a cross-section of society, share their memoirs, intertwined with the history of their century, as they experienced it. They were ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives. In these pages, they share their values, beliefs, habits, attitudes and lessons learnt from living to be a hundred. Most important of all, they tell us how to harmonise science and soul. They were around from the rustic horse and buggy age to the sequencing of the human genome. They witnessed the Big Bands performing, the railroads being constructed, and Gandhiji's non-violent movement against the British. They have had personal experiences of the Great Depression, the World Wars, the Japanese invasion of China, India's freedom struggle, and apartheid. They have lost children to war and poverty. So what inspired them and kept them Spirited? What did they learn from history? How did they find the strength and the will to keep going in times of despair? Is there hope in the 21st century for all of us to achieve more fulfilling lives? In their diverse narratives, they offer us a common and real hope for health, longevity and a saner world-based on our own humanity.... spare time; and a completely self-made man, Walter migrated fromCanadato America and worked with Chrysler; helped establish machineshopsat Kirkland Airforce base; and was one of the first to work on the a#39;proximity fusea#39; to support air combat in World WarII. ... At the endof this wall stands a littletown called Walla#39;s End. I was born in this town. That was the time when people, especially farmers, were emigrating from Britainto other countries in search ofwork and better opportunities.

Title:Living To Be A Hundred
Author:Meera Shashidhara


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