Living the College Life

Living the College Life

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Living the College Life helps you overcome the Freshman Fear Factor! College will be one of the most exciting and intimidating times of your life, and you're going to have questions as you head into this new experience. Living the College Life gives you real answers to common questions--answers from students who have qbeen there, done that.q More than 100 upperclassmen and recent graduates from colleges all over the country candidly discuss what worked--and what didn't work--for them. Topics include what to take with you (this book, for example), academics, social and campus life, relationships, and money. Questions cut to the chase: * How should I handle alcohol issues? * How can I deal with the roommate from hell? * Should I take advantage of that great-sounding credit card? * Should I withdraw from that class I'm having trouble in? * Should I join a sorority or fraternity? * Should I take a computer? Laptop or desktop? * How often should I go home? (Don't ask your mother that question!) Issues are discussed in a quick, painless question/answer format. With this book, you'll have the tools you need to think through the tough questions and make the best decisions for you! With Living the College Life, CliffsNotes--the resource that helps millions get to and through college--now helps you get off to a good start on campus.They acknowledge that credit cards serve a purpose and can be useful in crises. ... for students: a€œDona#39;t get one with too high a [credit] limit or before you know it youa#39;ll be a college grad with $3, 000 in debt and no job to pay it off, a€ she says.

Title:Living the College Life
Author:Kenneth J Paulsen
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2007-07-23


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