Little Green Man from Mars

Little Green Man from Mars

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Michael Casher's sixth novel is a sci-fi treatment of the Antichrist and Rapture prophecies. Dwight Tinker is a humble, unemployed man whose luck has run out. When his best friend offers him a menial job, suddenly there are others who need Dwight for a more important job: to give the world a sign and save planet Earth in the biblical Latter Days. Dwight must soon decide if he is the right man for the job and if the new woman in his life is really from the afterlife. He must also search his own conscience for a reason to fight or to help the mythical Illuminati who have a desperate stake in the prophesied Rapture. As Dwight Tinker endures the abrasive personality of the alien man sent to Earth to protect him during his mission, the eyes of Providence are watching and judging. In this deadly, end-of-days struggle the stakes are nothing less than the destiny of those who will be rescued from a troubled Earth and those who will be left behind.He swung his Ford Ranger into the supermarket parking lot, never having been comfortable with patronizing a chain-store business like the new drug store for items he could buy at a store that was locally-owned like the Grocery Mart.

Title:Little Green Man from Mars
Author:Michael Casher - 2008-09


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