Liquid Leadership

Liquid Leadership

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A practical, jargon-free and easily accessible book on making a difference as a leader, Damian Hughesa€™ Liquid Leadership draws on a diverse list of leaders in everyday life (Kim England, National Sales Training Manager at Unilever), to showbiz celebrities (John Lennon, Walt Disney), to renowned historical leaders (Shackleton, Eisenhower, Steve Jobs). There are no stuffy theories here. Instead, the book jumps energetically between film references from the Wizard of Oz, Alfie and Superman to the leadership styles of World-Cup winning coaches Alf Ramsay and Clive Woodward. Speckled throughout are examples of a€˜Liquid Leadersa€™, from people you know a€“ like James Timpson, head of the UK-wide group of key-cutting and shoe repair outlets a€“ to people we dona€™t know, including Fergus Findlay of Barnardoa€™s in Ireland. This book offers you a joyous diversion that pushes home important theory effortlessly. It ends with practical exercises designed to galvanise the reader into identifying how they need to change, as well as a very useful annotated bibliography. Both of Damiana€™s books have been credited with helping people build their own houses, fight cancer and run marathons, so come on and be a fellow Liquid Leader!Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, understood this distinction and used a clear vision to capture the imagination of ... It will be so low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one and enjoy with his family, the blessing of ... This doesnAct mean that it lacks substance, but your aim should be to focus on the emotions of the listener rather than their intellect (or wallet!).

Title:Liquid Leadership
Author:Damian Hughes
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2010-02-12


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