Linux Networking Cookbook

Linux Networking Cookbook

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This soup-to-nuts collection of recipes covers everything you need to know to perform your job as a Linux network administrator, whether you're new to the job or have years of experience. With Linux Networking Cookbook, you'll dive straight into the gnarly hands-on work of building and maintaining a computer network. Running a network doesn't mean you have all the answers. Networking is a complex subject with reams of reference material that's difficult to keep straight, much less remember. If you want a book that lays out the steps for specific tasks, that clearly explains the commands and configurations, and does not tax your patience with endless ramblings and meanderings into theory and obscure RFCs, this is the book for you. You will find recipes for: Building a gateway, firewall, and wireless access point on a Linux network Building a VoIP server with Asterisk Secure remote administration with SSH Building secure VPNs with OpenVPN, and a Linux PPTP VPN server Single sign-on with Samba for mixed Linux/Windows LANs Centralized network directory with OpenLDAP Network monitoring with Nagios or MRTG Getting acquainted with IPv6 Setting up hands-free networks installations of new systems Linux system administration via serial console And a lot more. Each recipe includes a clear, hands-on solution with tested code, plus a discussion on why it works. When you need to solve a network problem without delay, and don't have the time or patience to comb through reference books or the Web for answers, Linux Networking Cookbook gives you exactly what you need.Ita#39;s a lot easier to take control of a usera#39;s computer remotely and fix problems than to talk a poor user through a diagnosis and repair over the telephone. ... rdesktop is a Linux client that uses the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect to Windows Terminal Services on Windows NT/2000/2003 servers, and Remote Desktop Connection on Windows XP Pro. rdesktop can attach to an existing session oranbsp;...

Title:Linux Networking Cookbook
Author:Carla Schroder
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2007-11-26


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