Linear Feedback Control

Linear Feedback Control

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This book discusses analysis and design techniques for linear feedback control systems using MATLABAr software. By reducing the mathematics, increasing MATLAB working examples, and inserting short scripts and plots within the text, the authors have created a resource suitable for almost any type of user. The book begins with a summary of the properties of linear systems and addresses modeling and model reduction issues. In the subsequent chapters on analysis, the authors introduce time domain, complex plane, and frequency domain techniques. Their coverage of design includes discussions on model-based controller designs, PID controllers, and robust control designs. A unique aspect of the book is its inclusion of a chapter on fractional-order controllers, which are useful in control engineering practice.decibels (dB), that is, M(w) : 20 lg[A (60)], and the phase is in degrees, the diagram is referred to as a Bode diagram. ... co) % draw Bode diagram over frequency vector (0 [A, (I) , w] Ibode (G) % Bode diagram data evaluation bode ( G1, a#39;a€”a#39;, G2, a#39;a€”.ba#39;, G3, a#39; :ra#39;) % several systems 3. ... the magnitude may be very large at low frequencies a), and thus sometimes manual selection of the magnified range of theanbsp;...

Title:Linear Feedback Control
Author:Dingyu Xue, YangQuan Chen, Derek P. Atherton
Publisher:SIAM - 2007


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