Linear CMOS RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Applications

Linear CMOS RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Applications

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Advances in electronics have pushed mankind to create devices, ranging from - credible gadgets to medical equipment to spacecraft instruments. More than that, modern society is getting used toa€”if not dependent ona€”the comfort, solutions, and astonishing amount of information brought by these devices. One ?eld that has continuously bene?tted from those advances is the radio frequency integrated c- cuit (RFIC) design, which in its turn has promoted countless bene?ts to the mankind as a payback. Wireless communications is one prominent example of what the - vances in electronics have enabled and their consequences to our daily life. How could anyone back in the eighties think of the possibilities opened by the wireless local area networks (WLANs) that can be found today in a host of places, such as public libraries, coffee shops, trains, to name just a few? How can a youngster, who lives this true WLAN experience nowadays, imagine a world without it? This book dealswith the design oflinearCMOS RF PowerAmpli?ers(PAs). The RF PA is a very important part of the RF transceiver, the device that enables wireless communications. Two important aspects that are key to keep the advances in RF PA design at an accelerate pace are treated: ef?ciency enhancement and frequen- tunable capability. For this purpose, the design of two different integrated circuits realizedina0. 11I¼mtechnologyispresented, eachoneaddressingadifferentaspect. With respect to ef?ciency enhancement, the design of a dynamic supply RF power ampli?er is treated, making up the material of Chaps. 2 to 4.Buoli C, Abbiati A, Riccardi D (1995) Microwave power amplifier with a#39;envelope controlleda#39; drain power supply. In: Eur Microw ... Data Sheet. URL http://focus.ti. com/lit/ds/symlink/opa690.pdf 6. Coilcraft (2005) Power chip inductorsa€”1812PS series. ... In: IEEE Radio Freq Integr Circuits Symp (RFICa#39;06), San Francisco, CA, pp 169a€“172 8. Eo Y ... IEEE Trans Microw Theory Tech 47(8):1471a€“1476 10. Huber+Suhner (2007) 23 SMA-50-0-2/111 NEa€”Coaxial panel connector. Data Sheet.

Title:Linear CMOS RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Applications
Author:Paulo Augusto Dal Fabbro, Maher Kayal
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-06-22


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