Like a Shag on a Rock

Like a Shag on a Rock

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Tom is having second thoughts about his relationship with Janice. Shea€™d been so carefree and eccentric when theya€™d fallen in love. Now he feels trapped in a poisoned relationship. Shea€™s taken all the fun out of life with her militant vegetarianism, organic whinesa€”err, organic wines and homemade aphrodisiacs. Now shea€™s just crazy - and her kooky friends are no better. But the craziness in Toma€™s life only truly begins when she kicks him out and he hastily answers a room advertisement for what appears at first to be the perfect escape - a bachelor pad in the heart of Oxford. When the door is opened by his mysterious acquaintance, John, it seems as though fate has stepped in, and Tom quickly settles back into a life of blissful carnivorous freedom. Although Tom is no longer under Janicea€™s control, he unwittingly remains the victim of manipulation a€“ this time from John a€“ who wields far more influence over Toma€™s personal life than he is aware of. Between their girlfriends, the weird smell in the front of the house, Johna€™s secret agenda and police escapades at the neighbourhood grocera€™s, eccentricity and crazy take on an entirely new meaning! This wonderfully hilarious coming of age story is just what the doctor ordereda€bwith a pint and fish and chips, of course! Get your copy today and laugh your troubles away!He was sweating considerably ashe manually held the Flymo in hisarms to keepit above thelevel that itwas supposed ... But as Tom turned towardsthe houseto see why themotor hadstopped working, the lawn mower caughtthe end of theanbsp;...

Title:Like a Shag on a Rock
Author:Vaughan Humphries
Publisher:Albury Books - 2014-04-06


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