Light in the Darkest Night

Light in the Darkest Night

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Shirley Stone faced challenges far beyond what any 26-year-old women should experience in a lifetime. She would, however, have to deal with these excruciating challenges in less than 12 months. How was she to handle? Am Accepting the horrible injuries her husband received in an automobile accident Am Being brutally raped in her own home and then discovering that she had become pregnant from the trauma Am Accepting and dealing with the disturbing response of her husband to his injuries, her rape, and the possibility of a child Am Deciding if she should continue the pregnancy or resort to abortion Am Dealing with nearly impossible situations in her position as Information Technology Director Am Caring for her badly injured and now dependent husband along with the a new baby Am Deciding on giving the child for adoption or risk the loss of her marriage Am Rebuilding her self-esteem, her marriage relationship, her professional life Am Finding some peace in the horrendous life into which she had been thrust This story follows a courageous woman as she finds escape from circumstances that were beyond her control yet subject to her decisions. A story of tragedy, trial, and victory.The watch repairman positively identified it by marks as the watch that Mr. Stone had brought in for repair several months ago.a€ a€œThank you officer, a€ concluded Emma. The prosecutor called Dr. Marvin Embree to the stand. a€œDr. Embree, wouldanbsp;...

Title:Light in the Darkest Night
Author:Ebbie C. Smith
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-02-11


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