Life Without Oil

Life Without Oil

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By the end of the 21st century, our oil and natural gas supplies will be virtually nonexistent, and limited coal supplies will be restricted to only a handful of countries. The authors - an environmental scientist and veteran journalist - make abundantly clear that we must plan for a future without reliance on oil. They make a compelling case that the key determinant of our global economy is not so much the invisible hand of the marketplace but the inexorable laws of ecology. Although the coming decades will be a time of much disruption and change of lifestyle, in the end we may learn a wiser, more sustainable stewardship of our natural resources. This timely, sobering, yet constructive discussion of energy and ecology offers a realistic vision of the near future and many important lessons about the limits of our resources. From the Hardcover edition.E.Luce, In Spiteof the Gods:The Strange Rise of Modern India (New York: Random House, 2007). ... dioxide emissions from driving a Prius are offset, at least partially, because: (1) The Prius is moreenergya€”intensive to manufacture than similar cars such ... batteries contain nickel, which has to be mineda€”an environmental problema€”and discarded at the end of their lifea€”another environmental problem.

Title:Life Without Oil
Author:Steve Hallett, John Wright
Publisher:Prometheus Books - 2011-03-14


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